The best curvy dating app in 2023


Dating apps are a dime a dozen. But not necessarily for the BBW community. Everyone has a beautiful body, but on dating apps like Tinder and even MeetMe, looks seem to be the first thing people are interested in. What these apps fail to capture is the amazing and beautiful BBW community. Bustr is a wonderful curvy dating app that has done just that. They have taken the best of all dating app and combined them into place for curvy singles to find bbw dating and bbw hookup.


One of the best features the curvy dating app has to offer, is simply that it's free. There's really nothing to lose when creating your profile. This allows people from different economic backgrounds to find what they want without sacrifice. Money is the last thing anyone should think of when looking for romance.

Another big benefit of the BBW hookup app is that it has been running for more than two years. This is fantastic. The bbw tinder's record is unparalleled in the BBW community. If you're BBW or just an admirer, there's no better place. Moreover, as they have established their presence, they have thousands of members who have joined and are currently active. It's very exciting because there are so many people who can find your perfect connection.

The fat dating app couldn't be better. On most wooplus dating apps, it's typically aimed at women. However, Bustr has made it clear that plus size men are welcome. So, whether you are BBW, BBM, or just want to love one, this app will let you find what you really want.

One of my favorite features I found on Bustr, that other wooplus dating apps don't offer, is their amazing moments. Users get to post ideas and topics for everyone to see. This creates a community and helps everyone connect better. Their members come from all over the world, so no matter where you live, you can find someone to share your love and communicate with. This opens up a huge array of possibility that most other apps simply don't have. 

One thing caught my attention and I would consider is that they have an upgraded membership that has to be paid. You can sign up for free, but you are restricted to access to the entire site. However, the price is very reasonable. If someone is serious about finding true love and romance, small fees are only part of the process. They have different choices about how to pay, so that they can adapt to everyone's lifestyle.

Membership Plans

1 month membership is $14.99
3 months membership is $49.99
6 months membership is $129.99


Bustr is a good chubby dating app for those who want to get to know someone who is more chubby. While the free version doesn't allow you to have too many privileges, it's not surprising, because that's how most dating apps work. However, with a platinum membership, you'll be able to meet all kinds of people and even interact with free members, which is definitely helpful. If you like big shots, try Bustr.