The best curvy dating app in 2023


Dating apps are a dime a dozen. But not necessarily for the BBW community. Everyone has a beautiful body, but on dating apps like Tinder and even MeetMe, looks seem to be the first thing people are interested in. What these apps fail to capture is the amazing and beautiful BBW community. Bustr is a wonderful curvy dating app that has done just that. They have taken the best of all dating app and combined them into place for curvy singles to find bbw dating and bbw hookup.


One of the best features the curvy dating app has to offer, is simply that it's free. There's really nothing to lose when creating your profile. This allows people from different economic backgrounds to find what they want without sacrifice. Money is the last thing anyone should think of when looking for romance.

Another big benefit of the BBW hookup app is that it has been running for more than two years. This is fantastic. The bbw tinder's record is unparalleled in the BBW community. If you're BBW or just an admirer, there's no better place. Moreover, as they have established their presence, they have thousands of members who have joined and are currently active. It's very exciting because there are so many people who can find your perfect connection.

The fat dating app couldn't be better. On most wooplus dating apps, it's typically aimed at women. However, Bustr has made it clear that plus size men are welcome. So, whether you are BBW, BBM, or just want to love one, this app will let you find what you really want.

One of my favorite features I found on Bustr, that other wooplus dating apps don't offer, is their amazing moments. Users get to post ideas and topics for everyone to see. This creates a community and helps everyone connect better. Their members come from all over the world, so no matter where you live, you can find someone to share your love and communicate with. This opens up a huge array of possibility that most other apps simply don't have. 

One thing caught my attention and I would consider is that they have an upgraded membership that has to be paid. You can sign up for free, but you are restricted to access to the entire site. However, the price is very reasonable. If someone is serious about finding true love and romance, small fees are only part of the process. They have different choices about how to pay, so that they can adapt to everyone's lifestyle.

Membership Plans

1 month membership is $14.99
3 months membership is $49.99
6 months membership is $129.99


Bustr is a good chubby dating app for those who want to get to know someone who is more chubby. While the free version doesn't allow you to have too many privileges, it's not surprising, because that's how most dating apps work. However, with a platinum membership, you'll be able to meet all kinds of people and even interact with free members, which is definitely helpful. If you like big shots, try Bustr.

Useful Rules for Friends With Benefits Relationships


Most of us have the experience of friends with benefits, which is not shameful. Let us honestly say that having a fwb dating can be incredibly convenient. You can have all adult hookup fun without any future plans together. It sounds pretty good. In other words, some fwb dating rules need to be strictly followed to ensure that your FWB relationship flourishes. There are many things to keep in mind when dating a friend, and I took the liberty to list them below.

Make love with someone you like and respect without any strings attached, but don't necessarily want to have a future with him, what's wrong with this idea? However, if the two of you do not set basic rules, then friends with interests may be tricky. Can you tell someone you are in casual dating? Or does this mean keeping it confidential? Is it acceptable to cancel an FWB dating and change to a real appointment that night? Or will it cause problems? Perhaps most importantly, what happens if one party starts to feel another? What should you do? When the boundaries begin to blur, things get complicated, and your friends with benefits relationship becomes another dramatic scenario.

To avoid embarrassment and disappointment, here are some things to know for a great casual dating. Of course, everyone has different fwb hookup, but before you get into a deep relationship with your friends, you may need to pay attention to some hard rules.

Choose someone you can be honest with.
You need to make sure that both of you are open to everything, because you all need to be on the same page in case any of you start to have feelings for another person. If ant party wants to end this, the casual relationship should be end. You all have to accept the final result, so trust and honest with each other are the keys to start the casual relationship like fwb hookup.

Talk about the sexual desire.
The main purpose of having FWB is to have a wonderful and satisfying hookup life, isn't it? Therefore, express what you like and dislike, and encourage your hook up partner to do the same. Of course, you never need to try anything that makes you uncomfortable, let the adult friend know what you like and see if you have a common sexual desires and you can finally work it out.

Make sure your emotions are ready.
If you are not emotionally prepared, casual hookup dating will not casual. Some adult friend finders can separate behavior from emotion, but some struggle with it, which is nothing. Many of us will have a sense of intimacy after hooking up with someone, so you need to make sure that you are totally prepare for it. Don't lead any serious emotions appear.

Always have safe sex.
Condom is necessary for any kinds of hookup relationship. Even your hookup partner is your friends, it is necessary to wear it for hookup. Not only will they prevent you from having a baby with a partner you are not interested in, but they will also ensure that you stay away from STDs, which is critical when you hook up with someone who is not monogamous. You don't want to risk messing up should be a good time for everyone.

How to maintain a long-term relationship?


How many of us learned how to establish a hook up relationship? Where do we learn it from? Home? School? Establishing a firm BBW dating relationship is a course to be taught and learned. Here are some tips and advice that are inevitable if you want to establish and maintain a firm BBW hookup relationship. They can also be applied to friendship and even relationship with your families.

Create a safe environment where you can share and trust without hesitate. Do not interrupt, even if you have to use your hands to stop it. Learn to compete with equality. Do not yell at people and so not threat. When you realize you need to apologize, do it immediately. If you are too angry, stop whatever you are doing. Go to another room and give yourself some space. Take a deep breath and calm down. Remember, your partner is not your enemy.

Separate facts from emotions. During conflicts, what perspective might be triggered? Ask yourself: Is my past having impact on my current perspective? This question is about him or her, or is it about me? What is the real truth? Once you can tell facts from emotions, you can see your partner clearer and solve conflicts smoother.

Connect with every part of yourself. We are all constituted by different instruments. We are more like a combination of several different brains and hearts. What you are thinking? What does your heart say? What does your brain say? What does your body say? How about your intuition? For example, your brain is asking you to leave him, while your heart says you love him. Let these voices communicate, so that you can have a comprehensive and overall answer.

Cultivate sympathy. Practice the ability to comment and observe your partner without any judgment. You might have some opinions but you don’t have to agree with them. When you are sympathetic, you are open and connected and more easily to talk with your partner rationally. When you learn to treat your partner with sympathy, you will have more power to control your reaction, instead of reacting passively with your emotions.

Ask questions. We often make up stories of our own or explain to ourselves about what our partners behaviors mean. For example, he doesn’t want to hug because he doesn’t love me anymore. Stop making assumptions, just ask. We can never make mistake because we ask too many questions. What is equally important is to listen to the answers. Listen to what your partner has to say.

Make time for your relationship. No matter who you are and how busy your work is, you need to cultivate your relationship. Make sure you have time for each other. Like gardening, the more time you spend on cultivating it, the better it will grow. 

How to find great men on BBW dating apps


BBW dating apps can be hard to get your hands on, so if you don't like it, that's fine. Don't use curvy dating app just because everyone else is using it. You might miss out on spending time with someone you really like because you don't respond seriously. Bustr is for curvy dating, not just brushing.

Pick your best photos

BBW dating app like Bustr is built on looks, so having good photos is the first step. Include a close-up, starting with your chest, a full body shot, and then a few photos of your trip, activity, or candid. Make sure your face is fully visible in the close-up, and make sure you're not wearing sunglasses or a hat. All photos should be appropriate, so get dressed. No excess cleavage. Selfies are fine, but make sure you look your best and you're not taking pictures in a dirty mirror. Avoid including group photos. It is true that women look better in groups, but if you force a man to guess who you are, he will slide to the left.

Write a quality profile

Think of your profile as your dating cover letter. Why are you so hot? It needs to be simple, short and fun. Aim for less than 250 characters so he knows something about you and wants to know more.
Stay focused. If you have a lot of hobbies, just write down two or three of your favorites. Your fat dating profile is a way to present yourself, not to sound like you're bragging. Your profile doesn't have to include your casual football, basketball, volleyball and sailing teams, but "cavaliers fans who like to sail in the summer" is a great conversation starter.

Don't get caught up in the frenzy of brushing

Take the time to look at all the pictures in a man's profile and read his profile. You spend a lot of time building a good image, and the people who deserve it are doing the same. There is no contest to see how many matches you can make or how much information you can store. If you start running errands, you'll waste less time. A dating profile can tell you a lot about a person. Smart and original profiles set your BBW dating profile apart from the cliches and typos and grammatical errors. You may not see him in his profile photo, but his profile makes you laugh.

Broaden your age range

Many women have their own age range and feel comfortable dating, but BBW hookup apps aims to meet different people in their daily lives. Expanding the age range of potential chubby dating partners by at least five years increases your chances of finding someone.

See you in two weeks

Waiting a few weeks to see someone can cause one or both parties to lose interest. You should get to know your match before you meet. Chat via app or SMS, and if you're interested, plan to meet within two weeks of the first conversation. Talking to a man you met on Tinder for more than two weeks without mentioning plans to meet up usually means the date won't happen.

Does age gap have an impact on online BBW dating?


Remember when you were in school, how controversial it was to date someone a few years younger than you? Even now, if you date someone who was at least uneducated at the same time, you probably have some friends or relatives who are important to you. But what does it matter? To solve the problem once and for all, free single looks at whether the age gap really has an impact on online BBW dating.

The pros and cons

When you consider the huge age difference in BBW hookup relationships, it's easy to add up the negatives. Many people think that if you date someone 10 years your senior or 10 years your junior, you have nothing in common, your partner will be immature, old, boring, and one of them will outlive the other. But when you think about the many reasons people get together, the fact that they're the same age isn't usually a priority, is it?

When looking for a partner, most people are looking for someone who makes them laugh, shares their interests - someone who excites them and makes a difference. Online curvy dating is a good example, because it shows how many people fail to find love or friendship in a crowd, instead of traditional chubby dating. With free online BBW dating, you can certainly check their profile picture and age, but the focus is on where you are, what hobbies you have, and whether you're in touch when you start chatting. Surely you can't tell the age of chemistry?

Moreover, free plus size dating does not automatically lead to marriage and children, and the whole point of meeting new people online is to refresh your love life and enjoy exciting new encounters. So giving someone older or younger a chance doesn't mean your life is over. Unless you finally decide they're the one!

Big age gap celebrity relationships

When you look at the celebrity world, they don't seem to care about this "old problem" at all. The 17-year age gap between Bradley Cooper and Suzi Waterhouse is by no means the biggest in Hollywood. Catherine zeta Jones has been married to Michael Douglas for more than a decade. Their relationship is a testament to the fact that you don't need to watch the same cartoons as a child to connect. Moreover, you can easily say that having a different background and outlook on life can enrich your BBW dating relationship and keep you both grounded.

The first BBW date with the BBW woman you like


Nothing new needs to be added. The information you read earlier also applies to this section. If you move too fast and try to seduce a BBW girl, she will think you are not a serious type of man, only follow the animal instinct, it is impossible to build a serious curvy dating relationship with him. It could be that the plus size woman is easygoing or not interested in serious relationships. If you are looking for a serious girl, you will understand that she is not suitable for a serious BBW dating relationship.

Some people give advice - bring out the best in you, but I disagree. I think it's better to present yourself as you are. If a curvy woman likes you and you don't have an artificial smile, pull up the inappropriate joke - she may be your type, but if you are a good actress there is a chance she hopes not to be you, but your hero, you will have to continue to fake or lose the BBW woman. It's best to let the chubby girl know that you are a serious man and that you are also interested in a serious relationship with the curvy girl, not just having fun and taking long walks in life. Don't rush. However, too much delay is not good, otherwise you may be forever friends.

If the BBW woman is interested in you, if you want to be with her, prove it to her. Let her know that she is not only a big and beautiful girl, but also someone you don't mind building a relationship with in the future.

What is the right way to develop a chubby dating relationship?

Not relaxing doesn't mean exaggerating and doing whatever your BBW girlfriend wants. This has the opposite effect - she relaxes with you, gets bored, and leaves you. Stay in the middle of gold. Sometimes even a small argument is enough to awaken a volcano of emotion and passion. But it's better to get along with your beloved girlfriend.
Many curvy girls complain that at the beginning, their boyfriends are so careful and interesting, they travel to different places together, the life is so brilliant. Now this plus size woman is thinking about another man who feels the same way. You have to be like this all the time! Don't forget this and keep your BBW hookup relationship fresh, interesting and fresh.

If the guy is not interested in his girl, prefers to do something else, but not with her, if he is always focused on his business, but does not pay attention to the curvy girl, if he does not want to have an intimate relationship with the chubby girl is very rare - it means the beginning of the end.

How to have a happy ending in an online dating app?


We download one night dating apps just to find the right one night hookup partner and enjoy dating. But many people still can't find the right dating partner in an online casual hook up app. Why? Many people even complain that they don't have great dating opportunities in online flirt apps. However, I would say that there are many more opportunities in an online curvy dating app than you have in real life. It's just that you don't take the right steps that will prevent you from finding the right date in an online casual hookup app.

The Internet has directly affected most of our lives and has changed the way we live. We can now find anything we want to know on the Internet. And we can use these new technologies to find joy in our lives, we can buy groceries on the Internet, we can even find our life partner online, whether it's a long-term relationship or a one-night stand, and now online curvy dating apps can do it all. I have to sign how amazing the Internet is.

If you want a happy ending in an online curvy dating app, follow these tips.

Be true and describe yourself specifically. A lot of people like to exaggerate themselves and lie on the casual hook up app, even though it makes you look good, when people in online curvy dating apps actually start to interact with you, they will feel that you are not what you describe and will be disappointed with you. Many people have very general descriptions in their online dating profiles. For example, many people will write in their dating profile that they like watching movies and watching concerts, but they never describe it in details. This is a mistake because people don't know your values from your description. If you want to find someone who shares your values and interests, you have to open up on online dating apps so that people can understand your values and your attitude towards life. 

Once you write down the specific types of movies you like and whose concerts you like to watch, someone will contact you immediately. Because these specific and authentic dating profiles resonate with people.

Take the initiative to advance online dating. Many people are always in a very passive situation in online casual dating apps, waiting for their partner to make a request to meet them offline. But it's nonsense, because if you're both waiting for each other to ask you to meet, your date could be put off indefinitely. Because online chatting doesn't fully reveal who the other person is, and it can easily give people the wrong impression. The longer you chat online, the greater the difference between your impression of the other person and the real one. Because many online lovers are dissatisfied with each other when they meet offline, the reason is that they spend too much time chatting online.

So two things to keep in mind when you're using an online dating app are authenticity and initiative. You'll end up with a happy online date.